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The Vulcan Vortex

The Vulcan Vortex is our signature spinner. Designed to perfection, the stainless steel ring is held tightly in place by the polished brass frame. The extra-large center cap is ergonomically designed to provide ultimate control.

Build to withstand the occasional drop and routinely posting spin times of over 5 minutes, the Vortex is in a class of it's own. Get yours today!

The Vulcan Z3

The Vulcan Z3 is was the first spinner we created, and build the foundation for our entire brand. It's unique shape derives from extraterrestrial designs that give the Z3 a uniquely futuristic look.

The spinner is the ultimate in durability and performance. It's truly an everyday carry item with spin times routinely over 2-3 minutes. Discover the magic of the first spinner we ever created!

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